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AJ Freedom Financial

About Us

AJ Freedom Financial was formed in January of 2018 named after the initials of the founders, Abigail and Joshua. The husband and wife duo teamed up with the vision increasing financial freedom through education and comprehensive planning.

We offer various financial services including full service brokerage accounts, money management, and various types of insurance. These instruments allow us access to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, third party money managers, annuities and life insurance. We do not play favorites with which type of investment is best, we simply look for the best type of investment for your situation. In addition in being open to many investment vehicles, we are independently contracted with many companies in order to choose the best fit for your needs.

We see it as our imperative to serve and guide you along your financial journey. It is not our job to tell you what you should do with your money. We will take a comprehensive assessment of your situation and goals, and then we make suggestions to optimize your resources.


Joshua has had a life long fascination and involvement with financial markets and finance. From a very early age he was reading the Wall Street Journal and charting stock prices on graph paper. He minored in Finance at Ithaca College and graduated Cum Laude in 2000. Later, he was a proprietary trader and taught technical analysis classes for 2 years before spending a year as a customer service representative for a discount stock broker. After a brief time with MassMutual, Joshua became an independent insurance agent and stock broker in the beginning of 2014. He also has worked as a tax preparer and ultimately became an enrolled agent with the IRS.

He studied finance at Ithaca college and learned the basics of fundamental analysis. His combined expertise in securities, variable life insurance, and taxes make him uniquely qualified to provide creative, comprehensive, and multi-faceted financial planning.


Carrie Comstock is an Administrative Assistant at AJ Freedom Financial. She graduated from North Rome Christian School and the Northern Tier Career Center. She continued her studies in Office Systems Management and has been a welcome addition to the AJ Freedom Financial team. Carrie has had many years experience in giving exemplary customer service. She loves spending time outdoors, and always enjoys the company of her animals.