You worked hard for your money and deserve to keep as much of it as possible.

Stop doing taxes with a software that won’t maximize your refund, or with an inexperienced tax preparer who doesn’t live and breathe the tax code like we do.

When you work with AJ Freedom Financial, you get access to tax professionals who will care for you financially by investing in you personally.

Need a highly trained tax professional throughout the year?

You got it.

Need an in-depth review of your tax returns?

No problem.

Need your tax return prepared in a way that maximizes money back and minimizes money owed?

Done and done.

If you want us to help you plan, prepare, and reduce your taxes then get started today by choosing one of our 3 plans below.

Silver Membership

With a silver membership, we will create a complete tax plan for you, and perform an annual review of your tax plan to make any necessary updates and changes.

We will also give you exclusive access to our tax professionals throughout the year in case you have any tax questions whatsoever.

Silver Membership Monthly – $15

For a discounted price, you can make a single payment of $175 per year.

Silver Membership Yearly – $175 

Gold Membership

Gold Membership is exclusively for those with business or rental income who have a schedule C, E, F, or any type of entity tax return.

Our Gold Membership includes all of the benefits of our Silver Membership plus a coupon for $300 that you can put towards your corporate return with one of our CPA partners.

We will also perform a free review of all your tax returns that have been prepared within the last 3 years in addition to all tax returns prepared while you maintain your membership.

Gold Membership Monthly – $25 

For a discounted price, you can make a single payment of $290 per year. 

Gold Membership Yearly – $290

Tax Return Preparation

We will prepare your tax return for you, ensuring the maximum refund possible. Not available for business returns, returns with foreign accounts, rental property, or EIC.

This can be added to either the Gold or Silver Membership.

Note: After January 1st, if you want us to prepare the current year’s tax return you must make a single payment of $140 and it must be paid by March 15th.

Tax Return Preparation Monthly – $12 

For a discounted price, you can make a single payment of $140 per year.

Tax Return Preparation Yearly – $140

Tax Return Guarantee

All tax returns now come with protection plus to reimburse you in the case of filing errors, to provide tax debt relief, and to resolve any adverse issues with the IRS.